Stop Your NonProfit been the Best Kept Secret On The Planet !

Find How To Get Paid to Find New Members, Sponsors and Volunteers Effortlessly

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Webinar Host Liane Montagne

Liane is the successful serial entrepreneur who combines her experience in the field of Natural Health, Well being,Permaculture and Ecological transition with her no non sense approach to bringing vital information to the right audience using the latest marketing ideas. 

She has run businesses and been involved in non profit all over the planet , UK, Europe, North America and Asia for the past 40 years

If you are someone running a non profit with passion and dedication, you deserve all the help you can get!
In this presentation, Liane Montagne is going into great depth about the steps you can take to move towards more and more visibility , using both psychological triggers and genuine marketing knowhow , the kind that brings you closer to the 3 types of people you need to create momentous impact with your work . 
The best? you'll also discover how  it will not only not cost you a penny, but find enormous ressources to draw from that very few people - even the big boys! even know existed. 
So settle into your best armchair with your Team or alone, pick up a notebook and pen, and be ready for the flow of ideas, implementations and Ahah moments waiting for you. Register nowhere to the Right to access this replay whilst it is still available !